Korean Films Released in 1930


[01/01] 지지마라 순이야 (Be a winner, Sun-i)
[01/01] 회심곡 (The Consolatory Song)
[01/01] 지하촌 (Underground Village)
[01/13] 아리랑 후편 (A Story of the Day after Arirang)
[03/13] 꽃장사 (The Florist)
[04/14] 철인도 (Cheolin-Do)
[05/31] 승방비곡 (Sorrowful Song in the Buddhist Monastery)
[09/12] 노래하는 시절 (Season for Singing)
[10/29] 도적놈 (The Robber)
[11/08] 바다와 싸우는 사람들 (People Who Are Fighting against the Sea)
[11/15] 어사 박문수전 (The Story of the Royal Inspector, Park Mun-su)
[11/20] 젊은이의 노래 (The Song of a Young Man)

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