Korean Films Released in 1927


[01/22] 불망곡 (The Unforgettable Song)
[02/09] 홍련비련 (The Red Lotus Flower and Blighted Love)
[02/24] 괴인의 정체 (The Natural Shape of a Mystery Man)
[04/14] 들쥐 (The Field Mouse)
[04/26] 흑과 백 (Black and White)
[06/11] 낙원을 찾는 무리들 (Seekers of Paradise)
[07/06] 금붕어 (The Golden Fish)
[09/16] 낙양의 길 (Road to the Twilight Light)
[10/06] 낙화유수 (Fallen Blossoms On A Stream)
[10/26] 먼동이 틀 때 (When the Sun Rises)
[11/05] 뿔빠진 황소 (An Ox without Horn)
[11/05] 잘 있거라 (Farewell)
[12/15] 운명 (Destiny)

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