Cheese in the Trap

치즈 인 더 트랩 (CHEESE IN THE TRAP)

2016 - tvN

GENRE: Trendy Drama
AIRDATE: 2016/1/04 ~ 2016/3/01
TIMESLOT: Monday and Tuesday, 11 PM
CHANNEL: tvN (Cable)
FORMAT: 1080i HD - 60 Minutes per episode

AVERAGE RATING: 5.96% (AGB Nationwide)
PEAK RATING: 7.10% (AGB Nationwide - EP09)




EPISODE 01 [Dramabeans, Kaede + Jun]
EPISODE 02 [Dramabeans, Kaede + Jun]
EPISODE 03 [Dramabeans, Kaede + Jun]
EPISODE 04 [Dramabeans, Kaede + Jun]
EPISODE 05 [Dramabeans, Kaede + Jun]
EPISODE 06 [Dramabeans, Kaede + Jun]
EPISODE 07 [Dramabeans, Kaede + Jun]
EPISODE 08 [Dramabeans, Kaede + Jun]
EPISODE 09 [Dramabeans, Kaede + Jun]
EPISODE 10 [DramabeansKaede + Jun]
EPISODE 11 [Dramabeans, Kaede + Jun]
EPISODE 12 [Dramabeans, Kaede + Jun]
EPISODE 13 [Dramabeans, Kaede + Jun]
EPISODE 14 [Dramabeans, Kaede + Jun]
EPISODE 15 [Dramabeans, Kaede + Jun]
EPISODE 16 [Dramabeans, Kaede + Jun]


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A poster of tvN drama Cheese in the Trap

~ Image © CJ E&M, Eight Works ~



DIRECTED BY 이윤정 (Lee Yoon-Jung)
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR 박강현 (Park Gang-Hyeon) 이주현 (Lee Ju-Hyeon)

WRITTEN BY 김남희 (Kim Nam-Hee), 조희 (Jo Hee) [EP 1], 고선희 (Go Seon-Hee) EP 2~ 16], 전영신 (Jeon Young-Shin)
Based Upon the webtoon 치즈인더트랩 (Cheese in the Trap)

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER 강훈 (Kang Hoon) 김원주 (Kim Won-Joo) 양환철 (Yang Hwan-Cheol) | PLANNING  최진희 (Choi Jin-Hee) 박지영 (Park Ji-Young) | CHIEF PRODUCER 박호식 (Park Ho-Shik) | PRODUCER 김건홍 (Kim Geon-Hong) 정세령 (Jung Se-Ryeong) | CREATIVE DIRECTOR 김민준 (Kim Min-Joon) | DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY 강승기 (Kang Seung-Gi) 윤석조 (Yoon Seok-Jo) | LIGHTING DIRECTOR 유철 (Yoo Cheol) 홍기호 (Hong Gi-Ho) | ART DIRECTION 강현섭 (Kang Hyeon-Seop) | EDITING 오세레나 (Oh Serena) | MUSIC Tearliner | ACTION CHOREOGRAPHY 고명안 (Go Myeon-An) Seoul Action School 김민수 (Kim Min-Soo) |



박해진 (Park Hae-Jin) as Yoo-Jung | 김고은 (Kim Go-Eun) as Hong-Seol


서강준 (Seo Gang-Joon) as Baek In-Ho | 이성경 (Lee Seong-Gyeong) as Baek In-Ha | 남주혁 (Nam Ju-Hyeok) as Kwon Eun-Taek | 박민지 (Park Min-Ji) as Jang Bo-Ra | 손병호 (Son Byung-Ho) as Yoo Young-Soo | 안길강 (Ahn Gil-Gang) as Hong Jin-Tak | 윤복인 (Yoon Bok-In) as Kim Young-Hee | 박민상 (Park Min-Sang) as Child Yoo-Jung | 유제건 (Yoo Je-Geon) as Child In-Ho | 이나윤 (Lee Na-Yoon) as Child In-Ha | 김희찬 (Kim Hee-Chan) as Hong-Joon | 황석정 (Hwang Seok-Jung) as Professor Kang | 김진근 (Kim Jin-Geun) as Professor Han | 이우동 (Lee Woo-Dong) as Heo Yoon-Seop | 문지윤 (Moon Ji-Yoon) as Kim Sang-Cheol | 오희준 (Oh Hee-Joon) as Ha Jae-Woo | 지윤호 (Ji Yoon-Ho) as Oh Young-Gon) | 윤지원 (Yoon Ji-Won) as Son Min-Soo | 차주영 (Cha Ju-Young) as Nam Joo-Yeon) | 윤예주 (Yoon Ye-Joo) as Kang Ah-Young| 김기방 (Kim Gi-Bang) as Gong Ju-Yong |

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  • Unnoticed Kouhai

    Welcome back, Mister X!! glad that you’re healthy again!!

    i’m kinda curious about what do you think about the whole BTS fiasco of this drama that happened near its end several weeks ago. i haven’t watched this yet (and stopped read the webtoon before this drama started because of slow update) but this “conflict” is so huge to the point Lee Yoon Jung is basically on everyone “blacklist” now.

    • Thanks.

      Haven’t followed the issue closely because I was still “busy” (-_-) throughout the show’s run. But everything I’ve read on the matter just paints a bleak picture in terms of handling PR and general lack of professionalism behind the scenes, on everyone’s part. Basically, they all lose in my book.

      Honestly these days even borderline casual fans in Korea get to check behind-the-scenes news (be they press propaganda or legit news reporting), so you can’t let something like that happen without putting the breaks on all the drama behind the camera. It’s going to affect the show.

      • Unnoticed Kouhai

        do you think this “scandal” will affect Lee Yoon Jung’s career? from what i see (in NB and KPKF, and popular kdrama blogs like dramabeans and koala), most people are blaming her for everything that went wrong with this drama.

        • Nah. That stuff happens on network, where your reputation is kind of taken into consideration since they’re either fully public stations (KBS) or somewhere in the middle (MBC), so they have to save face. CJ E&M doesn’t really care. Money is money.

          And by now you should know that nothing written or said on English media ever matters in the industry. They make it look as if it does to keep “us” engaged, but I guarantee you they don’t care. Now if shit hits the fan in China, they come running. But anything else… an afterthought.

          • Unnoticed Kouhai

            what i mean by saying NB and KPKF was korean netizen reaction (both sites translate k-netz comments, though it’s mostly negative comments). while i do agree that english-speaking fans reactions are irrelevant for k-Channels (except Chinese netizens imo), aren’t they usually take k-netz reaction more seriously?

          • Oh… that’s another story. Of course they pay attention to the domestic audience. Within reason. 😛