오늘부터 사랑해 (Love on a Rooftop)

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101 Episodes
A Curtain Call Media/A Story Production
Timeslot: Weekday Evenings, 07:50 PM
Genre: Home Drama
Format: 1080i Dolby Digital 2.0 – 35 Minutes
Runs from: 2015/Apr/06~Aug/28

WITH 임세미 (Im Se-Mi) as Yoon Seung-Hye; 박진우 (Park Jin-Woo) as Kang Do-Jin; 김세정 (Kim Se-Jung) as Jang Se-Ryeong; 윤서 (Yoon Seo) as Yoon Seung-Ah; 김용림 (Kim Yong-Rim) as Kim Soon-Im; 안내상 (Ahn Nae-Sang) as Yoon Dae-Ho; 김서라 (Kim Seo-Ra) as Han Dong-Sook; 오승윤 (Oh Seung-Yoon) as Yoon Seung-Jae; 추소영 (Chu So-Young) as Yoon Dae-Shil; 이응경 (Lee Eung-Gyeong) as Yang Mi-Ja; 김병세 (Kim Byung-Se) as Jang Beom-Shik; 고윤 (Go Yoon) as Jung Yoon-Ho; 조은숙 (Jo Eun-Sook) as Han Seon-Sook; 조희봉 (Jo Hee-Bong) as Byeon Joon-Bae;

CREW Production Director 최지영 (Choi Ji-Young) Main Writer 최민기 (Choi Min-Gi) 김지완 (Kim Ji-Wan) Executive Producer 이상백 (Lee Sang-Baek) 이선상 (Lee Seon-Sang) Chief Producer 이진서 (Lee Jin-Seo) Producer 전우성 (Jeon Woo-Seong) Director of Photography 김필승 (Kim Pil-Seung) Lighting 안은상 (Ahn Eun-Sang) Editor 김신영 (Kim Shin-Young) Art Director 신마리아 (Shin Maria) Costumes 박소연 (Park So-Yeon) Music 이지용 (Lee Ji-Yong) Action Choreography 박진수 (Park Jin-Soo) Assistant Writer 김미영 (Kim Mi-Young) 하정아 (Ha Jung-Ah) Assistant Producer 노수환 (Noh Su-Hwan) 정여진 (Jung Yeo-Jin)

AGB Nielsen Nationwide
HIGHEST: 18.2% (04/06 - E01)
LOWEST: 9.3% (05/13 - E28)
AVERAGE: 13.38%



The idea of showing up at a press conference launching the opening of a show and announcing to the media that your drama is devoid of makjang ingredients has become a sort of badge of honor for many a home drama – to the point that they set that element as the leading keyword for the usual rounds of press propaganda, where every article reads the same, as if cut and pasted wholesale off a press release. Eliminating unjustified histrionics from the genre is certainly a priority, but it's being often misused by the increasingly complacent press as an alleged litmus test to divide “quality” home dramas from the dreaded potboilers that go for the lowest common denominator, as if eliminating a negative could suddenly turn a creatively bankrupt show into a masterpiece.

This is yet another case of trying to use that dichotomy to one's own advantage: yes, there is no immediate fear that all the decadence that generally permeates the average makjang drama will assault us, but at the end of the day this means very little: barely 10 episodes in and we're still knee-deep in that vortex of low-brow interpersonal dynamics mostly characterized by class consciousness (and the inevitable divide that ensues) which was obsolete already by the 1990s, not to mention broad stereotypes of what that “class” entails – so as you can expect there are already characters bandying about their alleged “noblesse” by obliging to show it off through the use of random “envelopes.” If that weren't enough, taken simply as a drama – because after all some people think that “dramas are just dramas,” so they needn't reflect social customs and trends, or at least strive to offer the bare minimum of verisimilitude – this show is just too shallow, its narrative structure too basic, its tonal shifts handled with so little subtlety as to remind of a supermarket street sale. And that doesn't even consider the directing and acting, which is even below the miserable average set by this genre on a frequent basis.

Im Se-Mi does have some potential and she occasionally displays it, but she's nowhere near ready to carry a 100+ episode show on her shoulders – especially when paired with listless performers like Park Jin-Woo, people who haven't improved a lick in ten years. Kim Se-Jung's work is painfully wretched (note to casting directors, if they want to call themselves that: when you cast a villain in a show that's not going for subtlety, make sure to choose someone who can add some shades to that cartoonish characterization, otherwise it'll feel like a live action Hannah & Barbera show), and while Yoon Seo does have considerable screen presence, at this point she's only mugging for the camera at the very best. There are several talented veterans rounding up the cast, but they're given no chance to make much of a mark.

And you know what's even more annoying than the abject lack of quality this “demakjanged” mess shows? That they've implicitly left the possibility to revert back to those same histrionics open – as they can easily turn Park Jin-Woo into Ahn Nae-Sang's son. It'd be like a priest vowing absolute rectitude while deep down trying to take off a condom from where the sun doesn't shine...


67 김용림 (Kim Yong-Rim)
66 조희봉 (Jo Hee-Bong)
64 안내상 (Ahn Nae-Sang)
61 김서라 (Kim Seo-Ra)
61 김병세 (Kim Byung-Se)
60 임세미 (Im Se-Mi)
60 오승윤 (Oh Seung-Yoon)
60 추소영 (Chu So-Young)
59 이응경 (Lee Eung-Gyeong)
58 박진우 (Park Jin-Woo)
57 고윤 (Go Yoon)
57 윤서 (Yoon Seo)
55 조은숙 (Jo Eun-Sook)
48 김세정 (Kim Se-Jung)

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