Lady Storm

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폭풍의 여자 (Lady Storm)

MBC – 140 Episodes
An MBC C&I Production
Timeslot: Monday to Friday Morning, 7:50 AM
Genre: Home Drama
Format: 1080i Dolby Digital 2.0 – 30 Minutes
Runs from: 2014/Nov/03~2015/May/15

WITH 박선영 (Park Sun-Young) as Han Jung-Im; 고은미 (Go Eun-Mi) as Do Hye-Bin; 현우성 (Hyun Woo-Sung) as Park Hyeon-Woo; 정찬 (Jung Chan) as Park Hyeon-Sung; 선우재덕 (Seonwoo Jae-Deok) as Do Joon-Tae; 박준혁 (Park Joon-Hyeok) as Jang Mu-Young; 이주실 (Lee Ju-Shil) as Kim Ok-Ja; 송이우 (Song Yi-Woo) as Jang Mi-Young; 정찬비 (Jung Chan-Bi) as So-Yoon; 윤소정 (Yoon So-Jung) as Noh Soon-Man; 박정수 (Park Jung-Soo) as Lee Myung-Ae; 서현우 (Seo Hyun-Woo) as Peter Yoon

CREW Production Director 이민수 (Lee Min-Soo) 오승열 (Oh Seung-Yeol) Main Writer 은주영 (Eun Ju-Young) Chief Producer 백호민 (Baek Ho-Min) Producer 김서곤 (Kim Seo-Gon) Director of Photography 박정현 (Park Jung-Hyun) Lighting 백강준 (Baek Kang-Joon) Art Director 한지선 (Han Ji-Seon) Editor 임현희 (Im Hyeon-Hee) Music 최완희 (Choi Wan-Hee) Assistant Producer 김미라 (Kim Mi-Ra)

AGB Nielsen Nationwide
HIGHEST: 16.3% (03/04 - E88)
LOWEST: 7.6% (02/19 - E75)
AVERAGE: 13.23%


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When people face an insurmountable obstacle in life, they will instinctively hold their breaths and pray that the crisis will pass over in the belief that waiting it out will make the hardship end. Facing down a stormy crisis and believing that you won’t lose everything is a silly assumption. But what would our lives be like if we lived in fear of crises and blindly hope that the storm will pass? In a limbo where you cannot keep what is precious to you and unable to find justice after being a victim of a crime. Your grievances ignored by authorities, adding insult to injury. What kind of life would that be? The female protagonist of this story takes the fight to the storm. As a wife and mother, she merely wanted an ordinary family life. One day, her husband has an extramarital affair while her daughter is hounded and assaulted at school by bullies. The school authorities wish to quietly make the matter go away without even an apology. As she finds herself caught up in events controlled by powerful figures that thwart her attempts to dig up the truth of all that has befallen her and her family, she finds herself framed for a crime that she did not commit. It is the beginning of a downward spiral that she has to summon all her strength to battle. Just when she thought she had no hope and lost everything, she has an illuminating insight. In order to battle her powerful adversaries who have thrown a storm at her, she would need to create her own storm! There was nobody she could rely on except for herself to fight this battle. The main character of this TV show bravely enters the eye of the storm instead of cowering in fear and waiting for the crisis to pass. Her determination to act makes her a powerful force against sinister figures in power and more precious than any amount of money. [MBC Global Media]


It’s never easy for a daily drama to make a good impression, seeing as the industry has completely abandoned any pretense that they’re nothing more than a placeholder for ads – to the point that now the needs of PPL advertisers are the major force driving the storytelling. But when you see one of these “Sons of a Commercial God” display competent directing and character development that makes a modicum of sense, you’re inclined to give it more of a chance than most of its wretched brethren. Which is not to say that this is a good show (far from it, actually), but just the idea of watching a non-period daily drama that doesn’t make you cringe is already a huge improvement. Fine actresses like Park Sun-Young are criminally wasted in shows of this caliber but she delivers anyway, as do veterans like Yoon So-Jung and Jung Chan. At the end of the day this is not makjang, because a decent amount of storytelling precedes the histrionics. It’s not very compelling and nowhere near quality, but considering what this format has become can you really complain?


70 박선영 (Park Sun-Young)
69 윤소정 (Yoon So-Jung)
67 정찬 (Jung Chan)
66 선우재덕 (Seonwoo Jae-Deok)
65 서현우 (Seo Hyun-Woo)
65 박준혁 (Park Joon-Hyeok)
64 이주실 (Lee Ju-Shil)
63 정찬비 (Jung Chan-Bi)
62 송이우 (Song Yi-Woo)
60 박정수 (Park Jung-Soo)
56 현우성 (Hyeon Woo-Seong)
55 고은미 (Go Eun-Mi)


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