하이드 지킬, 나 (Hyde Jekyll, Me)

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하이드 지킬, 나 (Hyde Jekyll, Me)

SBS – 20 Episodes
An H E&M/KPJ Production
Timeslot: Wednesday and Thursday Evening, 9:55 PM
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Format: 1080i Dolby Digital 2.0 – 65 Minutes
Ran from: 2015/Jan/21~Mar/26

WITH 현빈 (Hyun Bin) as Gu Seo-Jin/Robin; 한지민 (Han Ji-Min) as Jang Ha-Na; 성준 (Seong Joon) as Yoon Tae-Joo/Lee Soo-Hyun; 혜리 (Hye Ri) as Min Woo-Jung; 이승준 (Lee Seung-Joon) as Kwon Young-Chan; 한상진 (Han Sang-Jin) as Ryu Seung-Yeon; 신은정 (Shin Eun-Jung) as Kang Hee-Ae; 이덕화 (Lee Deok-Hwa) as Gu Myeong-Han; 김도연 (Kim Do-Yeon) as Han Ju-Hee; 곽희성 (Kwak Hee-Seong) as Seong Seok-Won; 이세나 (Lee Se-Na) as Choi Seo-Hee; 이준혁 (Lee Joon-Hyeok) as Detective Cha; 이원근 (Lee Won-Geun) as Lee Eun-Chang; 오나라 (Oh Na-Ra) as Cha Jin-Joo;

CREW Production Director 조영광 (Jo Young-Gwang) Creator 김영현 (Kim Young-Hyeon) 박상연 (Park Sang-Yeon) Main Writer 김지운 (Kim Ji-Woon) Planning 이용석 (Lee Yong-Seok) Executive Producer 안성민 (Ahn Seong-Min) 박매희 (Park Mae-Hee) 장진욱 (Jang Jin-Wook) Producer 김동호 (Kim Dong-Ho) Director of Photography 황민식 (Hwang Min-Shik) Lighting 김근수 (Kim Geun-Soo) Editor 김태영 (Kim Tae-Young) Music 박세준 (Park Se-Joon) Action Choreography 백경찬 (Baek Gyeong-Chan) Assistant Producer 정동윤 (Jung Dong-Yoon) 신봉철 (Shin Bong-Cheol) 길소진 (Gil So-Jin)
Based Upon Lee Chung-Ho's 지킬박사는 하이드씨 (Doctor Jekyll Is Mister Hyde)

AGB Nielsen Nationwide
HIGHEST: 8.6% (01/21 - E01)
LOWEST: 3.4% (03/25 - E19)
AVERAGE: 5.29%


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Jekyll is the evilest man and Hyde is the nicest man in the world! This is a love triangle involving a woman who loves those two men! Are the desires of humans only evil? Humans have a greater desire to love than harm others. There are more people who want to love than cause harm. If not, the human race would already be extinct. This is where this drama begins. What if Hyde is the fruit of the good nature overflowing with love and not the evil nature of humans? And what if Jekyll is a bad man and an extreme egoist who doesn’t know love and is not a morally nice man? We want to reverse the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This is a story of Dr. Jekyll who lives as a bad guy because he’s afraid of loving someone and Mr. Hyde who is a sweet guy knowing nothing but love! [SBS International]


The war of words already began by the time manhwa artist Lee Chung-Ho (responsible for the webtoon this show was based on) accused rival Dissociative Identity Disorder drama 킬미,힐미 (Kill Me, Heal Me) of essentially plagiarizing his work – something which unnecessarily pit fans of the two shows against each other, as if there wasn't enough energy in the air because of the different fanbases already. And it's curious Lee mentioned that, because while an excellent “technician” in the world of traditional manhwa first and then webtoon (where he picked up the tricks of the new trade immediately, even using the act of scrolling down as a gimmick), he's never been much of a storyteller. As adaptations go, though, so far this seems to be a somewhat passable digest version of an original text that wasn't all that special to begin with; and, most importantly, it does have one advantage over its MBC rival: Hyun Bin doesn't have to play seven characters, and the two he's playing now (I'm hearing rumblings of a third one, which would be a departure from the original) have decent characterization. The problem is everything in between, the gears that make the narrative engine work and connect the dots. This DID craze is still predominantly a fancy new gimmick (or better, the old split personality cliché with a few more details on the side), and there is very little psychology at work other than basic dichotomies (so Robin is your Prince Charming our control freak is trying to keep under wraps? That's a big fucking achievement. How about a dissociate personality that doesn't need to change hair style and fashion sense, for once?). But at least the tonal shifts are kept to a reasonable level, and Hyun Bin and to a lesser degree Seong Joon are doing a respectable job. Ultimately it's pretty useless to compare this with Kill Me, Heal Me. Neither of them are nowhere near good enough to bother.

EPISODES 07~12 [54/100]

I'm not the kind of viewer who associates ratings with drama quality or lack thereof, but there is something to be learned when something that already started as average fluff for undemanding, casual fans loses a good half of its audience in a couple of weeks – and without any particular “event” drama to rival it. It might not be the sole reason why this show is doing cable-like ratings (as many other recent SBS shows, truth to be told), but by digressing further and further from the original (perhaps in an attempt to distinguish itself from its MBC rival) and losing itself in pseudo-genre trappings it doesn't quite have the wherewithal to do justice to, the end result is that one of the few things that really worked (the interaction between Han Ji-Min and Hyun Bin's two personae) now seems to always play second fiddle. Focusing so much time on a mystery subplot that's never all that clever, fresh or compelling – and Soo-Hyun's hypnosis skills are downright ridiculous, although I suppose in the realm of fantasy anything short of latex masks à la Star Trek is accepted – waters down the impact of anything the leading couple (or, well, trio) could build. And what's even worse is that even when they're together, everything smells and feels like just another trendy drama, with that annoyingly vapid sense of deja vu permeating the screen. 그저 바라보다가 (The Accidental Couple) – or if you want a more recent example, 별에서 온 그대 (My Love from the Star) – should have taught writers and producers that it's the chemistry that makes a trendy drama work, not the gimmicks. So why pretend otherwise?


68 이덕화 (Lee Deok-Hwa)
65 현빈 (Hyun Bin)
65 이승준 (Lee Seung-Joon)
63 이준혁 (Lee Joon-Hyeok)
62 성준 (Seong Joon)
62 신은정 (Shin Eun-Jung)
61 오나라 (Oh Na-Ra)
60 곽희성 (Kwak Hee-Seong)
58 한상진 (Han Sang-Jin)
58 이세나 (Lee Se-Na)
58 김도연 (Kim Do-Yeon)
56 한지민 (Han Ji-Min)
50 이원근 (Lee Won-Geun)
46 혜리 (Hye Ri)


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