힐러 (Healer)

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20 Episodes
A Kim Jonghak Production Production
Timeslot: Monday & Tuesday Evenings, 10:00 PM
Genre: Melodrama
Format: 1080i Dolby Digital 2.0 – 65 Minutes
Ran from: 2014/Dec/08~2015/02/10

WITH 지창욱 (Ji Chang-Wook) as Seo Jung-Hoo; 박민영 (Park Min-Young) as Chae Young-Shin; 유지태 (Yoo Ji-Tae) as Kim Moon-Ho; 김미경 (Kim Mi-Gyeong) as Jo Min-Ja; 오광록 (Oh Gwang-Rok) as Gi Young-Jae; 박상면 (Park Sang-Myeon) as Chae Chi-Soo; 박원상 (Park Won-Sang) as Jang Byeong-Se; 박상원 (Park Sang-Won) as Kim Moon-Shik; 도지원 (Do Ji-Won) as Choi Myung-Hee; 우희진 (Woo Hee-Jin) as Kang Min-Je; 조한철 (Jo Han-Cheol) as Yoon Dong-Won; 장성범 (Jang Seong-Beom) as Lee Jong-Soo; 최동구 (Choi Dong-Gu) as Young Gi Young-Jae; 지일주 (Ji Il-Joo) as Jung-Hoo's Father; 우현 (Woo Hyeon) as Cheol-Min; 태미 (Taemi) as Kang Dae-Yong)

CREW Production Director 이정섭 (Lee Jung-Seop) 김진우 (Kim Jin-Woo) Main Writer 송지나 (Song Ji-Na) Chief Producer 배경수 (Bae Kyung-Soo) Producer 모완일 (Mo Wan-Il) 윤재혁 (Yoon Jae-Hyeok) Director of Photography 허국회 (Heo Guk-Hee) Lighting 이창범 (Lee Chang-Beom) Art Director 이경미 (Lee Gyeong-Mi) Editor 이동현 (Lee Dong-Hyeon) Music 이필호 (Lee Pil-Ho) Assistant Producer 유호준 (Yoo Ho-Joon), 안준현 (Ahn Joon-Hyeon)

AGB Nielsen Nationwide
HIGHEST: 10.3% (1/19 - E13)
LOWEST: 7.2% (12/16 - E03)
AVERAGE: 8.56%


Photo © Kim Jonghak Productions


A mysterious messenger of the 22nd century, an online newspaper reporter who works hard not to be a "yellow journalist," and a popular reporter who agonizes over the truth and reality. When these three people meet, a passionate romance starts and the truths from the past and present reveal themselves to the world. This drama features young people and how they grow as real journalists. [KBS World]


Song Ji-Na’s ever-decreasing relevance as a writer has begun in the late 1990s so by now it’s not much of a surprise to see her deliver yet another flimsy, formulaic pastiche of assorted clichés from other, better dramas – so no, I wouldn’t call it a disappointment, but more like a sad confirmation of what has become nothing more than a has been. Lee Jung-Seop, too, is his usual self (unremarkably pedestrian but hardly offensive, at least getting the basics right). I’d say Kim Jin-Woo – who’s shown great potential in the short drama circuit – is being wasted here, but hardly anything on KBS these days will fulfill the as of yet untapped feature potential of the young producer. The most remarkable aspect of this show, at the end of the day, is how dumbfoundingly it has grabbed a certain demographic (foreign female viewers aged 14~29) for no apparent reason other than the presence of Ji Chang-Wook. His hyper-conscious, I-must-overplay-every-single-muscle-contortion poseur shtick becomes infuriating after a few minutes, especially when coupled with a much more sedate supporting cast (all the way to Yoo Ji-Tae’s unmistakable stiff allure). Our Hallyu star ends up looking like what Jeremy Irons playing Rodrigo Borgia would do after being invited to the set of a CW YA potboiler. An insipid, throwaway trifle few will remember by the end of the year.


The meticulous calibration of every breath, every twitch of the eye, every vocal chord; it's astonishing how much effort Ji Chang-Wook puts in every infinitesimal aspect of his acting. Just as astonishing as seeing someone who's been acting for quite a few years now and still doesn't understand that all those mechanical patterns and method acting gimmicks are not what makes performances resonate with the (discerning!) viewer. It's about sincerity, psychology (“selling” the character) and building enough verisimilitude to ensure we'll suspend our disbelief. But if all our beloved and over-pampered star does is breaking that flow with technique overload, it's hard to care about anything that goes on around him. It's unlikely that Ji will ever find someone who fixes that – nowadays do directors even have the time to scream in a star's face and have them do take after take until they stop posing as if it was a music video? I seriously doubt it. Then again, even without said “distraction” there wouldn't be much to see here. It's not that anything is particularly bad or grating – I've been criticizing Song Ji-Na's regressing talent for a good decade now, but you'd still be better off with her than in the hands of your ordinary johnny-come-lately trendy drama hack. It's just that I don't see the passion, something aspiring to be anything more than crowd-pleasing mediocrity. We're all just content to be basking in the shallow limelight for a couple of months, pandering to the short attention spans of teenagers who will soon jump onto their new flavour-of-the-month obsession. Can't we find an “healer” for that?


62 박원상 (Park Won-Sang)
62 박상원 (Park Sang-Won)
62 도지원 (Do Ji-Won)
62 장성범 (Jang Seong-Beom)
62 김미경 (Kim Mi-Gyeong)
62 유지태 (Yoo Ji-Tae)
61 조한철 (Jo Han-Cheol)
61 박상욱 (Park Sang-Wook)
60 박민영 (Park Min-Young)
60 우현 (Woo Hyeon)
60 손승원 (Son Seung-Won)
60 박상면 (Park Sang-Myeon)
58 우희진 (Woo Hee-Jin)
55 최동구 (Choi Dong-Gu)
55 태미 (Taemi)
55 지일주 (Ji Il-Joo)
54 오광록 (Oh Gwang-Rok)
53 지창욱 (Ji Chang-Wook)


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