딱 너 같은 딸 (A Daughter Just Like You)

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딱 너 같은 딸 (A Daughter Just Like You)

MBC – 120 Episodes
A CT Pictures Production
Timeslot: Weekday Evenings, 08:55 PM
Genre: Home Drama
Format: 1080i Dolby Digital 2.0 – 35 Minutes
Runs from: 2015/May/18~

WITH 이수경 (Lee Su-Gyeong) as Ma In-Seong; 강경준 (Kang Gyeong-Joon) as So Jung-Geun; 정혜성 (Jung Hye-Seong) as Ma Hee-Seong; 우희진 (Woo Hee-Jin) as Ma Ji-Seong; 김혜옥 (Kim Hye-Ok) as Hong Ae-Ja; 길용우 (Gil Yong-Woo) as Ma Jeong-Gi; 정보석 (Jung Bo-Seok) as So Pan-Seok; 정우석 (Jung Woo-Seok) as So Seung-Geun; 조우리 (Jo Woo-Ri) as So Jung-Yi; 박해미 (Park Hae-Mi) as Heo Eun-Sook; 이지훈 (Lee Ji-Hoon) as Baek Woo-Jae; 이병준 (Lee Byung-Joon) as Baek Min-Seok; 전원주 (Jeon Won-Joo) as Mal-Nyeon;

CREW Production Director 오현종 (Oh Hyun-Jong) B-Team Director 박원국 (Park Won-Guk) Main Writer 가성진 (Ga Seong-Jin) Executive Producer 김일헌 (Kim Il-Heon) Planning 김승모 (Kim Seung-Mo) Director of Photography 오규택 (Oh Gyu-Taek) Lighting 박동석 (Park Dong-Seok) Editor 최성욱 (Choi Sung-Wook) Art Director 이수연 (Lee Su-Yeon) Music 박세준 (Park Se-Jun) Action Choreography 김민수 (Kim Min-Soo) Assistant Writer 김선숙 (Kim Seon-Sook) Assistant Producer 김형민 (Kim Hyung-Min) 이수현 (Lee Soo-Hyun) 이진수 (Lee Jin-Soo)

AGB Nielsen Nationwide
HIGHEST: 12.4% (05/19 - E02)
LOWEST: 8.1% (06/05 - E15)
AVERAGE: 9.93%


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Many people in society are going through hard times these days. Most of them have endured painful episodes. Just getting by in life is so demanding nowadays that there is little time to spend with your family, friends, or colleagues.

Trying to make a living is the best you can do and being at the top of your game is all that matters. People get stressed because they are constantly looking behind their shoulders. They are so self-centered that nobody around them matters. They treat their loves ones the worst and blame them for their shortcomings. People give each other a hard time and this is leading to an ailing society.

Now is the time for us to stop being angry at others. It is a time to reflect on oneself and take a break from all the stress to be a warmer and kinder person. If you are at the end of the road and have nowhere to go, then don't lament your situation. Just roll with the punches and be like a tumbleweed that lets the wind decide its path. [MBC Global Media]


It was less than a half decade ago that I was lamenting the lack of new blood capable of changing the course of the sageuk genre – which has now pretty much degenerated into a collection of empty trendy cosplay spectacles that superficially regurgitate the worst elements of Lee Byung-Hoon's work, without even replicating the few positives that had survived in the veteran's output. But when it comes to the dreaded daily drama “genre,” new blood is not only advisable; it is downright necessary. And I'm not only talking about the abject lack of class (and offensively obsolete class consciousness) the ordinary veteran daily drama writer displays, it's an urgent need to have these dramas written by people who have been exposed to a slightly more multicultural and modern social environment – because none of these stories are even remotely plausible, let alone realistic, and the Korean society represented in these shows is a rather ethically oppressive one.

Of course that change is still nothing more than a mirage, but if you look at the cast and crew of this show, you'd at least be inclined to think that finally someone was making a move in the right direction: PD Oh Hyun-Jong is not your usual super-veteran nearing retirement that was groomed in an era when holding the camera without falling asleep made you a producer, and writer Ga Seong-Jin has a past dealing with shorts and sitcoms, so you'd assume we wouldn't get the same old tripe once again. The idea of a family of “alpha girls” coming into contact with one of traditionally patriarchal “macho men” is not even that bad on the surface, because for once it presents socially active women who don't need the usual cop out drama queen antics that would have been disgustingly chauvinistic even in the early 1990s – where the overarching message is essentially “get a rich tycoon's son in the sack and then you'll be set for life, since that's all a girl can aspire to do.”

On the surface, this is not yet another makjang potboiler featuring the usual ingredients (secrets of birth, adultery, ambiguous ethics et al); and although it is quite far from being progressive, it at least doesn't reek of 30 year old daily drama dynamics. The problem is that you obtain that necessary “modernization” at the expense of fundamentals: Ga can't string together even basic setup scenes without egregious tonal shifts, and the characterization boils down to a collection of hyper caricatures that already need anger management before they're even provoked. Couple that with the fact that the cast is filled with perfs prone to overacting (Lee Su-Gyeong obviously, but even Kim Hye-Ok needs to be kept in check), and you've got something that might feel slightly more modern, but still remains as crass and noisy as the vast majority of other daily dramas.

I'm not sure there is any hope in sight for this canon, honestly. They keep getting worse and worse, with 청담동 살아요 (I Live in Cheongdam-Dong) – if you want to consider it a little more than a sitcom – being perhaps the only exception in recent years.


61 정보석 (Jung Bo-Seok)
60 길용우 (Gil Yong-Woo)
60 이병준 (Lee Byung-Joon)
57 우희진 (Woo Hee-Jin)
56 정혜성 (Jung Hye-Seong)
55 강경준 (Kang Gyeong-Joon)
55 조우리 (Jo Woo-Ri)
54 이지훈 (Lee Ji-Hoon)
54 김혜옥 (Kim Hye-Ok
53 박해미 (Park Hae-Mi)
52 이수경 (Lee Su-Gyeong)
50 정우석 (Jung Woo-Seok)
50 전원주 (Jeon Won-Joo)


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