DB – 삼화 네트웍스 (Samhwa Networks)

Full KOSDAQ Title: (주) 삼화 네트웍스 - Samhwa Networks Corporation, LLC
Founded: 1980/Sep as 삼화비디오 (Samhwa Video)


- [Chief Executive Officer] 안제현 (Ahn Je-Hyeon)
- [Chief Executive Officer] 신상윤 (Shin Sang-Yoon)

SAMHWA NETWORKS Co., Ltd. is a Korea-based company mainly engaged in the broadcast programs production business. The Company operates its business in three segments: drama production segment, broadcasting segment and record production segment. Its drama production segment engages in the provision of television programs, drama original sound tracks (OSTs), digital sound contents, movies, domestic and overseas copyrights, and others. Its broadcasting segment operates Homedrama channel to acquire advertisement fees and broadcasting license fees through its subsidiary Homedrama Co., Ltd. Its record production segment specializes in the record and video planning and production, entertainment management, as well as concert and star marketing through its subsidiary WS Entertainment. [Reuters]


[1980/09/??~] Founded as 삼화비디오 (Samhwa Video)
[1987/08/08~1987/08/08 KBS1] 저 은하에 내 별이 (My Star in the Milky Way)
[1988/09/20~1988/09/20 KBS1] 춘향전, 심청전, 배비장전 (Chunhyang, Shimcheong and Baebijang)
[1990/07/??~] Renamed 삼화프로덕션 (Samhwa Productions)
[1992/09/23~1992/10/15 KBS2] 남편의 여자 (My Husband's Woman)
[1995/11/18~1996/09/01 KBS2] 목욕탕집 남자들 (Bath House Men)
[1999/04/05~1999/07/06 MBC] 왕초 (The Boss)
[2001/05/09~2002/07/18 KBS2] 명성황후 (The Last Empress)
[2004/03/20~2004/10/10 KBS2] 애정의 조건 (Terms of Endearment)
[2004/10/16~2005/06/05 KBS2] 부모님 전상서 (My Precious Family)
Renamed 삼화네트웍스 (Samhwa Networks)
[2007/07/28~2008/01/20 KBS2] 며느리 전성시대 (Daughters-in-Law)
[2007/09/29~2008/10/05 SBS] 조강지처 클럽 (The First Wives' Club)
[2008/02/02~2008/09/28 KBS2] 엄마가 뿔났다 (Mom is Dead Upset)
[2008/05/03~2008/07/20 MBC] 88 달콤한 인생 (La Dolce Vita)
[2010/04/11~2010/10/11 SBS] 인생은 아름다워 (Life is Beautiful)
[2010/06/09~2010/09/16 KBS2] 제빵왕 김탁구 (Bread, Love and Dreams)
[2011/01/01~2011/07/31 KBS2] 사랑을 믿어요 (Believe in Love)
[2011/01/24~2011/03/15 SBS] 파라다이스 목장 (Paradise Ranch)
[2011/09/17~2012/03/11 SBS] 폼나게 살거야 (Living in Style)
[2012/01/23~2012/01/23 CSTV] 아버지가 미안하다 (Dad is Sorry)
[2012/10/27~2012/03/17 jTBC] 무자식 상팔자 (Childless Comfort)
[2013/04/08~2013/06/25 MBC] 구가의 서 (Kangchi: The Beginning)
[2013/06/29~2013/10/27 SBS] 결혼의 여신 (Goddess of Marriage)
[2013/11/09~2014/03/30 SBS] 세 번 결혼하는 여자 (Thrice Married Woman)
[2014/02/22~2014/08/10 KBS2] 참 좋은 시절 (Wonderful Days)
[2014/08/16~2015/02/15 KBS2] 46 가족끼리 왜 이래 (What Happens to My Family?)
[2015/01/17~2015/04/12 SBS] 49 내 마음 반짝반짝 (My Heart Twinkle Twinkle)
[2015/04/18~2015/06/14 SBS] 44 이혼 변호사는 연애중 (Divorce Lawyer in Love)

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