MVP – 윤계상 (Yoon Gye-Sang)

Real Name: 윤계상 (尹啟相, Yoon Gye-Sang)
Alternative Spelling: Yun Kye-Sang, Yoon Kye-Sang
Born: 1978/Dec/20, Seoul (South Korea)
Education: Chungkang College of Cultural Industries - Software, Kyunghee University Global Campus - Postmodern Music
Contracted To: Saram Entertainment

Note: Only Acting Awards from Major Award Ceremonies
[2005] Baeksang Art Awards BEST NEW FILM ACTOR 발레교습소 (Flying Boys)

Yoon Gye-Sang


[2004/07/23~2004/09/23 SBS] Leading 형수님은 열아홉 (My 19 Year Old Sister-in-Law)
[2007/02/03~2007/04/01 SBS] Leading 사랑에 미치다 (Crazy For You)
[2008/03/05~2008/05/01 MBC] Leading 누구세요? (Who Are You?)
[2009/06/11~2009/07/30 MBC] Supporting 트리플 (Triple)
[2010/06/23~2010/08/26 MBC] Supporting 로드 넘버 원 (Road No. 1)
[2011/05/04~2011/06/23 SBS] Supporting 최고의 사랑 (The Greatest Love)
[2011/09/19~2012/03/29 MBC] Leading 하이킥: 짧은 다리의 역습 (High Kick! Revenge of the Short Legged)
[2014/02/17~2014/04/08 KBS2] Leading 태양은 가득히 (Beyond the Clouds)
[2015/07/24~] 57 Leading 라스트 (Last)

[2004/12/03] Leading 발레교습소 (Flying Boys)
[2008/02/05] Leading 6년째 연애중 (Lovers of Six Years)
[2008/04/30] Leading 비스티 보이즈 (The Moonlight of Seoul)
[2009/11/05] Leading 집행자 (The Executioner)
[2010/10/28] Leading 조금만 더 가까이 (Come Closer)
[2011/06/23] Leading 풍산개 (Poongsan)
[2014/10/23] Leading 레드카펫 (Red Carpet)
[2015/06/24] Leading 소수의견 (The Unfair)



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