MVP – 지창욱 (Ji Chang-Wook)

Real Name: 지창욱 (池昌旭, Ji Chang-Wook)
Alternative Spelling: Chi Ch'ang-Uk, Ji Chang-Uk
Born: 1987/Jul/05, Anyang (South Korea)
Education: Dankook University - Film & Theater, Performing Arts
Contracted to: Glorious Entertainment

Note: Only Acting Awards from Major Award Ceremonies
[2013] MBC Drama Awards BEST SPECIAL PROJECT ACTOR 기황후 (Empress Ki)
[2010] KBS Drama Awards BEST DAILY DRAMA ACTOR 웃어라 동해야 (Smile Again)

Ji Chang Wook


[2008/04/21~2008/10/18 KBS2] Supporting 난네게 반했어 (You Stole My Heart)
[2009/04/11~2009/10/11 KBS2] Supporting 솔약국집 아들들 (My Too Perfect Sons)
[2009/11/18~2010/01/14 MBC] Supporting 히어로 (Hero)
[2010/10/04~2011/05/13 KBS1] Leading 웃어라 동해야 (Smile Again)
[2011/07/04~2011/10/10 SBS] Leading 무사 백동수 (Warrior Baek Dongsoo)
[2011/12/21~2012/03/08 Channel A] Leading 총각네 야채가게 (Bachelor's Vegetable Store)
[2012/08/18~2012/11/25 SBS] Supporting 다섯 손가락 (Five Fingers)
[2013/10/28~2014/04/29 MBC] Supporting 기황후 (Empress Ki)
[2014/06/13~2014/07/11 Dramacube] Leading 시크릿 러브 (Secret Love)
[2014/12/08~2015/02/10 KBS2] 53 Leading 힐러 (Healer)

[2008/10/23] Supporting 슬리핑 뷰티 (Sleeping Beauty)
[2010/07/08] Supporting 고사 두번째 이야기: 고생실습 (Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp)
[2013/02/14] Supporting 남자사용설명서 (How to Use Guys with Secret Tips)



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