MVP – 이종석 (Lee Jong-Seok)

Real Name: 이종석 (李鍾碩, Lee Jong-Seok)
Alternative Spelling: Yi Chong-Sŏk, Lee Jong-Suk
Born: 1989/Sep/14, Suwon (South Korea)
Education: Konkuk University - Film Arts
Contracted To: Wellmade Yedang

Note: Only Acting Awards from Major Award Ceremonies
[2013] SBS Drama Awards BEST NEW ACTOR 학교 2013 (School 2013)
[2012] KBS Drama Awards BEST MINISERIES ACTOR 너의 목소리가 들려 (I Hear Your Voice)

Lee Jong-Seok


[2010/03/31~2010/05/20 SBS] Supporting 검사 프린세스 (Prosecutor Princess)
[2010/11/13~2011/01/16 SBS] Supporting 시크릿 가든 (Secret Garden)
[2011/09/19~2012/03/29 MBC] Supporting 하이킥! 짧은 다리의 역습 (High Kick! Revenge of the Short Legged)
[2012/08/26~2012/08/26 KBS2] Leading DRAMA SPECIAL 내가 가장 예뻤을 때 (My Prettiest Days)
[2012/12/03~2013/01/29 KBS2] Supporting 학교 2013 (School 2013)
[2013/06/05~2013/08/01 SBS] Leading 너의 목소리가 들려 (I Hear Your Voice)
[2014/05/05~2014/07/08 SBS] Leading 덕터 이방인 (Doctor Stranger)
[2014/11/12~2015/01/15 SBS] 52 Leading 피노키오 (Pinocchio)

[2010/06/10] Supporting 귀 (Ghost)
[2012/05/03] Supporting 코리아 (As One)
[2012/08/14] Supporting R2B: 리턴 투 베이스 (R2B: Return To Base)
[2013/09/11] Supporting 관상 (The Face Reader)
[2013/10/30] Leading 노브레이싱 (No Breathing)
[2014/01/22] Leading 피끓는 청춘 (Hot Young Bloods)



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