MVP – 김강우 (Kim Gang-Woo)

Real Name: 김강우 (金康宇, Kim Gang-Woo)
Alternative Spelling: Kim Kang-Woo, Kim Gang-U
Born: 1978/Jul/11, Seoul (South Korea)
Education: Chungang University - Film & Theater
Contracted to: C-JeS Entertainment

Note: Only Acting Awards from Major Award Ceremonies
- [2005] Busan Film Critics Association Awards - BEST NEW ACTOR 태풍태양 (The Aggressives)

Kim Gang Woo


[2003/10/22~2003/12/11 MBC] Leading 나는 달린다 (Breathless)
[2005/01/17~2005/03/14 SBS] Supporting 세잎 클러버 (Three-Leaf Clover)
[2008/02/01~2008/03/21 SBS] Supporting 비천무 (Bichunmoo)
[2009/04/06~2009/06/09 KBS2] Leading 남자 이야기 (The Slingshot)
[2012/08/06~2012/09/25 KBS2] Leading 해운대 연인들 (Haeundae Lovers)
[2014/04/09~2014/06/19 KBS2] Leadin골든 크로스 (Golden Cross)
[2015/03/28~2015/05/30 OCN] 58 Leading 실종느와르 M (Missing Noir M)

[2002/11/22] Supporting 해안선 (The Coast Guard)
[2003/12/24] Supporting 실미도 (Silmido)
[2004/09/23] Supporting 꽃피는 봄이 오면 (When Spring Comes)
[2005/06/02] Leading 태풍태양 (The Aggressives)
[2005/10/27] Supporting 야수와 미녀 (The Beast and the Beauty)
[2007/05/10] Leading 경의선 (The Railroad)
[2007/11/01] Leading 식객 (Le Grand Chef)
[2007/12/27] Leading 가면 (Rainbow Eyes)
[2009/02/05] Leading 마린보이 (Marine Boy)
[2009/07/09] Leading 오감도 (Five Senses of Eros)
[2010/05/06] Supporting 하하하 (Hahaha)
[2010/09/06] Supporting 무적자 (A Better Tomorrow)
[2012/04/11] Leading 인류멸망보고서 (Doomsday Book)
[2012/05/17] Leading 돈의 맛 (The Taste of Money)
[2013/03/07] Leading 사이코메트리 (The Gifted Hands)
[2013/11/21] Leading 결혼전야 (Midnight Blue)
[2014/02/20] Leading 찌라시: 위험한 소문 (Tabloid Truth)
[2015/05/21] 85 Leading 간신 (The Treacherous)



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