MVP – 주상욱 (Ju Sang-Wook)

Real Name: 주상욱 (朱相昱, Ju Sang-Wook)
Alternative Spelling: Ju Sang-Uk, Chu Sang-Wook
Born: 1978/Jul/18, Seoul (South Korea)
Education: Namseoul University - Visual Design
Contracted to: Madin Entertainment

Note: Only Acting Awards from Major Award Ceremonies
[2013] KBS Drama Awards BEST MALE ACTOR IN A FEATURE DRAMA 굿닥터 (Good Doctor)



[1997/10/30~1998/03/05 SBS] Extra 다규 X (Docu X)
[1998/02/16~1998/09/28 KBS1] Supporting 신세데 보고서: 어른들은 몰라요 (New Generation Report: Adults Don't Know)
[1998/02/22~1999/03/14 EBS] Supporting 내일 (Tomorrow)
[1999/02/26~2000/02/18 EBS] Supporting 내 꿈을 펼쳐라 (Make My Dreams Come True)
[2006/01/23~2006/02/07 EBS] Supporting 점프-청해의 꿈 (Jump)
[2006/08/12~2006/08/12 MBC] Supporting BEST THEATER 놈들의 수다 (Grown-Up Talk)
[2007/05/19~2007/07/08 MBC] Supporting 에어시티 (Air City)
[2007/08/18~2008/01/27 MBC] Supporting 깍두기 (Just Love)
[2007/12/15~2007/12/15 KBS2] Leading DRAMACITY 은둔하는 북의 사람 (The Northerners Are Coming Out)
[2008/03/22~2008/03/22 KBS2] Leading DRAMACITY 실연복수 전문가 미스조 (Love Revenger Miss Jo)
[2008/04/02~2008/05/22 KBS2] Leading 아빠 셋 엄마 하나 (One Mom and Three Dads)
[2008/05/19~2008/11/13 MBC] Supporting 춘자네 경사났네 (Chunja's Happy Events)
[2009/04/29~2009/06/18 KBS2] Supporting 그저 바라보다가 (The Accidental Couple)
[2009/05/25~2009/12/22 MBC] Supporting 선덕여왕 (Queen Seondeok)
[2010/05/10~2010/12/07 SBS] Supporting 자이언트 (Giant)
[2011/01/24~2011/03/15 SBS] Supporting 파라다이스 목장 (Paradise Ranch)
[2011/03/02~2011/05/05 KBS2] Leading 가시나무새 (The Thorn Birds)
[2011/11/18~2012/01/13 OCN] Leading 특수사건 전담반 (TEN)
[2012/02/04~2012/02/20 MBC] Supporting 신들의 만찬 (Feast of the Gods)
[2013/04/14~2013/06/30 OCN] 67 Leading 특수사건 전담반 2 (TEN 2)
[2013/08/05~2013/10/08 KBS2] Supporting 굿닥터 (Good Doctor)
[2014/01/13~2014/03/04 tvN] Supporting 로맨스가 필요해 3 (In Need of Romance 3)
[2014/02/27~2014/04/24 MBC] Leading 앙큼한 돌싱녀 (Cunning Single Lady)
[2014/11/01~2015/01/11 SBS] 62 Leading 미녀의 탄생 (Birth of a Beauty)
[2015/05/20~2015/??/?? KBS2] 65 Leading 복면검사 (The Man the Mask)

[2006/06/28] Supporting 아랑 (Arang)
[2007/01/25] Supporting 최강 로맨스 (The Perfect Couple)
[2008/10/23] Supporting 아내가 결혼했다 (My Wife Got Married)
[2012/04/11] Supporting 간기남 (The Scent)
[2012/08/23] Leading 90분 (90 Minutes)
[2013/10/30] Leading 응징자 (Days of Wrath)
[2014/01/29] Supporting 조선미녀삼총사 (The Huntresses)



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