MVP – 주진모 (Joo Jin-Mo)

Real Name: 박진태 (朴鎮泰, Park Jin-Tae)
Alternative Spelling: Ju Jin-Mo, Chu Chin-Mo
Born: 1974/Sep/26, Seoul (South Korea)
Education: Chungang University - Film & Theater
Contracted to: Fantagio

Note: Only Acting Awards from Major Award Ceremonies
[2013] MBC Drama Awards BEST ACTOR IN A SPECIAL PROJECT 기황후 (Empress Ki)
[2009] Baeksang Art Awards BEST ACTOR IN A FILM 쌍화점 (A Frozen Flower)
[2003] SBS Drama Awards BEST ACTOR IN A SPECIAL PROJECT 때려 (Punch)
[2000] KBS Drama Awards BEST NEW ACTOR 성난 얼굴로 돌아보라 (Look Back in Anger)
[2000] Grand Bell Film Awards BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR 해피엔드 (Happy End)



[1999/12/26~1999/12/26 KBS2] Leading 슬픈 유혹 (Sad Temptation)
[2000/02/28~2000/04/18 KBS2] Leading 성난 얼굴로 돌아보라 (Look Back in Anger)
[2003/10/08~2003/11/27 SBS] Leading 때려 (Punch)
[2005/05/23~2005/08/29 SBS] Leading 패션70s (Fashion Seventies)
[2006/11/18~2007/01/28 SBS] Leading 게임의 여왕 (Queen of the Game)
[2008/02/01~2008/03/21 SBS] Leading 비천무 (Bichunmoo)
[2009/07/27~2009/09/29 SBS] Leading 드림 (Dream)
[2013/10/28~2014/04/29 MBC] Supporting 기황후 (Empress Ki)
[2015/05/29~ jTBC] 67 Leading 사랑하는 은동아 (My Love Eundong)

[1997/04/28] Extra 박대박 (Father vs Son)
[1999/09/18] Leading 댄스 댄스 (Dance Dance)
[1999/12/11] Supporting 해피 엔드 (Happy End)
[2000/06/24] Leading 실제상황 (Real Fiction)
[2001/09/07] Supporting 무사 (Musa: The Warrior)
[2001/11/23] Leading 와니와 준하 (Wanee & Junah)
[2004/04/23] Leading 라이어 (Liar)
[2006/09/14] Leading 두뇌유희 프로젝트, 퍼즐 (The Puzzle)
[2006/12/14] Leading
미녀는 괴로워 (200 Pounds Beauty)
[2007/09/19] Leading 사랑 (A Love)
[2008/12/30] Leading 쌍화점 (A Frozen Flower)
[2010/09/16] Leading 무적자 (A Better Tomorrow)
[2012/03/15] Leading 가비 (Gabi)
[2013/11/14] Leading 친구 2 (Friend: The Great Legacy)



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