MVP – 장혁 (Jang Hyuk)

장혁 (Jang Hyuk)

Real Name: 정용준 (Jung Yong-Joon)
Alternative Spelling: Chang Hyŏk
Born: 1976/Dec/20, Busan (South Korea)
Education: Seoul Institute of the Arts - Film; Dankook University - Film & Arts
Contracted to: Sidus HQ

Note: Only Acting Awards from Major Award Ceremonies
- [2014] MBC Drama Awards - BEST MINISERIES MALE ACTOR 운명처럼 널 사랑해 (You Are My Destiny)
- [2011] SBS Drama Awards - BEST SPECIAL PROJECT MALE ACTOR 마이더스 (Midas), 뿌리깊은 나무 (Tree with Deep Roots)
- [2010] KBS Drama Awards - DAESANG 추노 (Slave Hunters)
- [2008] SBS Drama Awards - BEST SPECIAL PROJECT MALE ACTOR 타짜 (Tazza)
- [2007] MBC Drama Awards - GOLDEN ACTING AWARD 고맙습니다 (Thank You)
- [2002] SBS Drama Awards - BEST MALE ACTOR 명랑소녀성공기 (Successful Story of a Cheerful Girl)
- [2000] SBS Drama Awards - BEST NEW ACTOR 왕룽의 대지 (Wang Rung's Place)


[1997/04/09~1997/08/07 SBS] Extra 모델 (Model)
[1999/02/22~1999/04/13 KBS2] Supporting 학교 (School)
[1999/10/27~1999/12/16 MBC] Supporting 햇빛속으로 (Into the Sunlight)
[2000/01/01~2000/04/06 SBS] Supporting 왕룽의 대지 (Wang Rung's Place)
[2002/03/13~2002/05/02 SBS] Leading 명랑소녀 성공기 (Successful Story of a Bright Girl)
[2002/10/12~2003/01/05 SBS] Leading 대망 (The Great Ambition)
[2007/03/21~2007/05/10 MBC] Leading 고맙습니다 (Thank You)
[2008/01/02~2008/02/28 SBS] Leading 불한당 (Robber)
[2008/09/16~2008/11/25 SBS] Leading 타짜 (Tazza)
[2010/01/06~2010/03/25 KBS2] Leading 추노 (Slave Hunters)
[2010/09/21~2010/10/14 Zhejiang TV] Leading 爱上女主播 (Fall in Love)
[2011/02/22~2011/05/03 SBS] Leading 마이더스 (Midas)
[2011/10/05~2011/12/22 SBS] Leading 뿌리깊은 나무 (Tree with Deep Roots)
[2013/02/13~2013/04/18 KBS2] Leading 아이리스 II (Iris II)
[2014/07/02~2014/09/04 MBC] Leading 운명처럼 널 사랑해 (You Are My Destiny)
[2014/11/09~2014/11/09 MBC] Leading DRAMA FESTIVAL 오래된 안녕 (Long Goodbye)
[2015/01/19~2015/04/07 MBC] 74 Leading 빛나거나 미치거나 (Shine or Be Mad)

[1998/11/28] Supporting 짱 (Zzang)
[2001/12/08] Leading 화산고 (Volcano High)
[2002/03/22] Leading 정글쥬스 (Jungle Juice)
[2002/11/29] Leading 화장실은 어디에요? (Public Toilet)
[2003/11/05] Leading 영어완전정복 (Please Teach Me English)
[2004/06/03] Leading 내 여자친구를 소개합니다 (Windstruck)
[2009/07/09] Leading 오감도 (Five Senses of Eros)
[2009/10/22] Leading 토끼와 리저드 (Maybe)
[2009/11/05] Leading 펜트하우스 코끼리 (Searching for the Elephant)
[2011/09/29] Leading 의뢰인 (The Client)
[2012/12/20] Leading Dance of the Dragon
[2013/08/14] Leading 감기 (The Flu)
[2014/04/10] Leading 가시 (Innocent Thing)
[2015/03/05] 86 Leading 순수의 시대 (Empire of Lust)




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