DB – 정현민 (Jung Hyun-Min)

Alternative Spelling: Jeong Hyeon-Min, Chŏng Hyŏn-Min
Born: ??/??/??, Busan (South Korea)
Education: Donga University - Journalism, Korea University - Labor and Industrial Relations


Jung Hyun Min


[2010/08/29~2010/09/12 KBS1] 79 Main Writer 자유인 이회영 (Freedom Fighter Lee Hoe-Young)
[2010/12/15~2011/02/24 KBS2] 76 Main Writer 프레지던트 (President)
[2011/06/19~2011/06/19 KBS2] Main Writer DRAMA SPECIAL 남자가 운다 (A Man is Crying)
[2011/07/17~2011/07/17 KBS2] Main Writer DRAMA SPECIAL 올레길 그 여자 (The Lady from Olle Route)
[2011/10/16~2011/10/16 KBS2] Main Writer DRAMA SPECIAL 수호천사 김영구 (Guardian Angel Kim Young-Gu)
[2011/11/06~2011/11/06 KBS2] Main Writer DRAMA SPECIAL 서경시 체육회 구조조정 비하인드 스토리 (Behind the Seogyeong Sports Council's Staff Reshuffling)
[2012/05/07~2013/01/04 KBS2] 39 Main Writer 사랑아 사랑아 (Love, My Love)
[2014/01/04~2014/06/29 KBS1] 81 Main Writer 정도전 (Jung Dojeon)
[2015/07/15~ KBS2] Main Writer 어셈블리 (Assembly)

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