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  1. Dramatic Eye is credible: MisterX has been covering Korean Dramas and Films for nearly 15 years, interacting with industry figures, going in-depth in ways other bloggers and reviewers have never been able to.
  2. Dramatic Eye is uncompromising: We don't pull our punches around here; we single out quality output that will stand the test of time and celebrate it in a larger context.
  3. Dramatic Eye is thorough: We cover everything from long daily dramas and all the way down to one episode shorts; everything gets listed as part of our expanding encyclopedia, and everything has a chance to be talked about, if good enough. We don't focus on the popular dramas with the popular stars just to grab a few extra hits.
  4. Dramatic Eye is stats central: Yeah, you can probably figure out what the popular shows can do in the ratings, and how much money the big blockbusters are doing at the box office. But if you want to know how well an obscure show on cable is doing or how much money that quirky independent film is making, we've got it covered. The stats are also part of a bigger historical resource, which will eventually encompass all the statistical records available.
  5. Dramatic Eye is a great historical resource: If you choose to support our project, you'll see an ever-expanding database dating back to the origins of the medium, including not only dramas but its stars and makers. In time, this will become the only Korean entertainment database you will ever need.


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  • The periodic MVP - a ranking of all the best actors in the country
  • And much more!

And of course the chance to participate in our giveaways.

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  • Gasenadi

    @Tematic – Appreciate the conversation you were having on Q&A. Where are you watching Great King Sejong? Or do you have it on dvd? Thanks. (Hope you are well, Mr. X. Miss you.)