Dramatic Eye
it's been a fun ride



Looking back, I started writing about Korean dramas in 2002, and although in recent years my writing has been sporadic for a variety of reasons, it’s certainly been a “dramatic” (ehm) ride.

But all good (?) things must come to an end. I’m way too busy with real life to keep up with the site, and if you know a few things about me, you’ll know that half-assing it is not part of my DNA.

The site will remain online to honor all existing subscriptions, obviously, but past that I’ll leave the decision to you. Do you still want this site and these writings to exist? Your contribution will be much appreciated.

(The site is open to donations, and will turn free for all once the last subscription has expired. It’s only fair to those who paid to read this content.)

Either way, it’s been fun, folks. Kitteh over and out…